Sunday, May 28, 2023

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BiP is not just another messaging app in the market, it is a secure and feature-packed communication platform that offers more than just instant messaging and video calls. With BiP, you can share your photos, documents, voice messages, location, and memories through the BiP Status, which disappears after 24 hours.

BiP also offers HD quality voice and video calls for up to 15 people around the world, making it a great platform for connecting with your friends and colleagues. The app is designed with security in mind, ensuring that all your messages and calls are encrypted to international security standards (TLS) to prevent third-party access. BiP does not store your messages, and you can delete your account without leaving a trace.

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In addition to the standard communication features, BiP offers a range of region-specific channels and services, including health tips from Dr. Oz, weather forecasts, and the BiP Ramadan channel, which provides menus, recipes, and imsak and sahur alerts. You can also customize BiP based on your preferences by adding or removing features and changing icons.

One of the unique features of BiP is its translation service, which supports 106 languages. You can write your message in your local language, and BiP will automatically translate it on your friend's phone.


  • Instant messaging
  • Voice and video calls with up to 15 people
  • HD quality video calls
  • BiP Status for sharing photos, documents, voice messages, location, and memories
  • End-to-end encryption of messages and calls
  • Automatic deletion of messages
  • Account deletion without leaving a trace
  • Region-specific channels and services
  • Customizable features and icons
  • Translation service supporting 106 languages


Secure: BiP is a secure messaging app that encrypts all messages and calls to international security standards, preventing third-party access.

Feature-packed: BiP offers a range of features beyond instant messaging and video calls, such as BiP Status, HD quality voice and video calls for up to 15 people, and a translation service for 106 languages.

Region-specific channels: BiP provides region-specific channels and services, such as health tips from Dr. Oz, weather forecasts, and the BiP Ramadan channel, providing unique and useful content.

Customizable: BiP can be customized based on user preferences, allowing users to add or remove features and change icons.

Account deletion: BiP does not store messages, and users can delete their accounts without leaving a trace.

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Limited user base: BiP may have a limited user base compared to other messaging apps, which can limit its usefulness in terms of connecting with friends and colleagues.

Interface: Some users may find the interface of BiP to be cluttered or confusing, especially with the large number of features it offers.

Privacy concerns: While BiP is secure, some users may still have privacy concerns about using a messaging app owned by a larger corporation.

Translation accuracy: While the translation service is a unique feature of BiP, it may not always provide accurate translations, leading to miscommunication between users.

Storage limitations: BiP does not store messages, which may be a drawback for users who want to keep a record of their conversations.


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